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Disc insulators specifications

This article mainly list disc insulators specifications, disc insulator is produced in accordance with ASTM, ANSI and IEC specifications.

Disc insulators specifications

The Disc insulators specifications include
(a) ASTM A47: Specifications for Ferritic Malleable Iron Castings.
(b) ASTM A143: Standard Recommended practice for safeguard against embrittlement of Hot-dip Galvanized Structural Steel Products and Procedure for Detecting Embrittlement.
(c) ASTM A153: Standard Specification for Zinc coating (Hot dip) on Iron & Steel Hardware.
(d) ASTM A220: Specifications for Pearlitic Malleable Iron Castings.
(e) ASTM A384: Standard practice for safeguarding against warpage and distortion during Hot-dip Galvanizing of Steel Assemblies.
(f) ASTM A239: Standard Method of Test for Locating the Thinnest Spot in Zinc (Galvanized) Coating on Iron or Steel Articles by the Preece Test (Copper Sulphate Dip).
(g) ASTM A536: Specifications for Ductile Iron Casting.
(h) ASTM A668: Specifications for Steel Forgings, Carbon and Alloy, for general industrial use.
(i) ASTM C151: Test Method for Autoclave Expansion of Portland Cement.
(j) ANSI C29.1: American National Standard Test Methods for Electrical Power Insulators.
(k) ANSI C29.2: American National Standard for Wet Process Porcelain and toughened Glass Insulators.
(l) IEC 575: Thermal mechanical performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulator units.
(m) IEC 61284: Overhead Lines – Requirements and Tests for fittings.
(n) BS3288: Insulators and Conductor fittings for overhead power lines Part I. Performance and General Requirements.
(o) Other relevant ANSI, ASTM and IEC standards.


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