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Disc insulators

Disc insulators are designed in disc shape form used for transmission and distribution overhead lines playing a role of supporting and insulating.

Disc insulators

Disc insulators are generally used in insulator string used for any voltage level power lines. Disc insulators can be divided into normal insulator and anti-fog insulator. The anti-fog insulator is usually used in salt and industrial duty etc. pollution environment.

Disc insulators can be manufactured, designed and tested in accordance with
◆ GB1001
◆ GB7253
◆ GB10215
◆ GB4056
◆ ZBK50001
◆ ZBK50008
◆ ANSI C29.2
◆ IEC 60350

Disc insulators consist of porcelain units and insulator end fittings used for outdoor insulation. Disc insulators are used in overhead lines, power plant, substations and electrical equipment for supporting and insulation.


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