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Disc suspension insulator

Disc suspension insulator is used for overhead transmission and distribution lines made of high aluminum porcelain materials in different environment.

Disc suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulator is designed in disc shape, also called porcelain disc suspension insulator or disc suspension porcelain insulator.

The features of Disc suspension insulator
◆ Mechanical failing load: 40KN, 45KN, 60KN, 70KN, 80KN, 90kN, 100KN, 120 KN, 160KN, 210KN, 300KN, 530kN etc.
◆ Insulator end fittings: ball and socket, clevis and tongue, Y-clevis and eye
◆ Profile type: normal, anti-fog (pollution)
◆ Insulator specification: ANSI C29.2, IEC 61109, IS731, IEC60383 etc.
◆ Creepage distance: 290mm, 320mm, 450mm etc.

Porcelain disc suspension insulator is usually used in suspension string for high voltage power lines. The voltage for disc suspension insulator decided in accordance with the number of suspension insulators.

For example, 110kv porcelain disc suspension insulator composed of eight or more 11kV disc suspension insulator. Disc suspension insulator string is used worldwide in electrical systems.


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