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Disc suspension insulators

Disc suspension insulators are normally made from high aluminum porcelain materials for providing high mechanical strength and electrical properties.

Disc suspension insulators


Disc suspension insulators couplings have
◆ Ball and socket
◆ Y-clevis and eye
◆ Clevis and tongue

Insulator performance and properties is necessary to simulate the environment as experienced in actual service. Short term artificial tests are observed and arrangements are made which can produce the same effects in less time.

The aging tests of disc suspension insulators have
◆ Acid resistance test
◆ Hydrolysis test
◆ Accelerated QUV-aging etc.

The end fittings of Disc suspension insulators are made of metal and the most common materials are cast, forged or machined aluminum and forged iron or steel. Today, the most common technique is swaging (crimping) and gluing.


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