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Disc type insulators

Disc type insulators is one of electrical insulators, can be divided into pin type insulators and suspension insulators for transmission and distribution applications.

Disc type insulators

The Disc type insulators can be designed in
◆ Creepage distance: 145mm
◆ Eletro mechanical strength: 320kN
◆ Power frequency dry flashover voltage: 65kv
◆ Power frequency wet flashover voltage: 45kv
◆ Impulse flashover positive voltage: 110kv
◆ Impulse flashover negative voltage: 120kv
◆ Puncture voltage: 105kv

Disc type insulators are also designed in other technical parameters, such as ANSI 52-1 suspension insulator is one of ANSI insulator manufactured and designed in accordance with ANSI standards.

Disc type insulators are designed in disc form for using simple and free-cleaning. Disc type insulators can be used for light, medium and heavy pollution environment.

Disc type insulators are usually made from porcelain materials and made by wet process porcelain with high mechanical and electrical properties.


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