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Distribution insulators

The distribution insulators we often refer to is the insulators which can use on distribution lines. Distribution lines are a very important part of the electrical system.

pin type insulator

The distribution insulators according to different type can be divided into:
Suspension insulator
Pin type insulator
Line post insulator
Pin post insulator

Pin type insulator is a common distribution insulator, according to ANSI29.5, the pin type insulator have the following type:
ANSI 55-1 ceramic pin insulator
ANSI 55-2 ceramic pin insulator
ANSI 55-3 porcelain pin insulator
ANSI 55-4 ceramic pin insulator
ANSI 55-5 ceramic pin insulator
ANSI 55-6 porcelain pin insulator
ANSI 55-7 porcelain pin insulator

The cantilever failing load of pin type insulator is 11KN and 13KN.
The creepage of pin type insulator:102mm, 127mm, 178mm, 229mm, 305mm and so on.

Orient Power offers pin insulators made of porcelain and silicone rubber, in addition to pin insulators ,we can also offers other type distrbution insulators according your need.


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