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Double side break switch structure and installation

Double side break switch structure and installation has play an important role in the lines, post insulators are normally designed in this type breakswitch.

Double side break switch

There are the below main parts:
Wiping Action & Operation
The switch is operated by rotation of the center insulator stack. During closing the initial 70˚ of the insulator rotation swings the blade into the contact jaws, where the blade tips engage stops that limit the swinging action.

Leveling Bolts
All switches are furnished with four leveling bolts per insulator stack to provide fast, effective means of aligning insulator stacks in the field.

Rigid galvanized structural steel double channel bases are furnished. Aluminum bases are avail- able when specified.

Bearings in live parts are constructed of self- lubricating low friction materials and require no lubrication or maintenance. Main bearing at the base of the rotating insulator is of heavy duty shielded ball bearing construction, providing the necessary strength and rigidity. No field servicing required.

Mounting Position
The inherent balance of the blade allows the EB switch to be mounted in any position with no need for counterbalancing. Field conversion to another position requires no modification.

NEMA standard station post or cap and pin insulators are available as specified.

Field Installation
The simplicity of design assures ease of installation and years of trouble-free service.


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