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Electric insulator vs conductor

Electric insulator vs conductor can be used on overhead line. The usage of electrical insulator is supporting and insulating wires. The usage of electric conductor is transmitting the power.

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What’s the electric conductor?
Conductors are materials that permit electrons to flow freely from particle to particle. An object made of a conducting material will permit charge to be transferred across the entire surface of the object. If charge is transferred to the object at a given location, that charge is quickly distributed across the entire surface of the object. The distribution of charge is the result of electron movement. Since conductors allow for electrons to be transported from particle to particle, a charged object will always distribute its charge until the overall repulsive forces between excess electrons is minimized.

List some electric Conductors:
◆ Silver
◆ Copper
◆ Gold
◆ Aluminum
◆ Iron
◆ Steel
◆ Brass
◆ Bronze
◆ Mercury
◆ Graphite
◆ dirty water
◆ concrete

Insulator definition:
In contrast to conductors, insulators are materials that impede the free flow of electrons from atom to atom and molecule to molecule. For example porcelain pin insulator is made of ceramic can prevent electric current passes through. If the charge is transferred to an insulator at a given location, the excess charge will remain at the initial location of charging. The particles of the insulator do not permit the free flow of electrons; subsequently charge is seldom distributed evenly across the surface of an insulator.

List some Insulator materials:
◆ Glass
◆ Rubber
◆ Oil
◆ Asphalt
◆ Fiberglass
◆ Porcelain, ceramic
◆ Quartz
◆ (dry) Cotton
◆ (dry) Paper
◆ (dry) Wood
◆ Plastic
◆ Air
◆ Diamond
◆ Pure water

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