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Electrical conductor and insulator

Electrical conductor and insulator is a common item in our lives, we can’t live without electrical insulator and conductor.

Electrical insulator             Electrical conductor

What are electrical conductor and insulator?
Electrical Conductors: silver and copper- they freely conduct/carry electron movement; loosely held electrons.

Other metals conduct electricity, but not as well. In these metals, when a free electron hits an atom, some of its energy gets absorbed. So when the next electron is freed, it doesn't have as much energy as the first one did. This slowing of electron movement is called resistance.

Resistors: nickel, iron, and nichrome- they conduct electricity but tend to resist its movement.

Electrical Insulators: air, rubber, glass, wood, cotton, bakelite, and of course the plastic insulation on electrical wire- the out most electrons are firmly held instead of loosely held. Because there aren't any, or many, free electrons available, insulator can't conduct electron flow. Such as composite pin type insulators can be used on distribution power line.

Non-metals generally act as insulators, whereas metals are capable of conducting electricity; although some act as resistors.

Most automotive wire consists of a conductor covered with insulation. Most distribution lines of electrical field most distribution line use porcelain pin type insulator or composite pin insulator to support and insulation wires.


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