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Electrical link fitting

Electrical link fitting is widely used in overheard transmission power line system and Power substation, the main function of electrical link fitting is connecting wire and Surge arrester with insulator, connect between tower and insulator.

Electrical link fitting

We can divide electrical link fitting into various type according to different use, following are some main types and of electrical link fitting:
Ball and eyes
Ball and clevis
Yoke plate
Extension rings
Socket-Clevis eyes
W-8K Socket Eye
Right angle hanging plate
We also can classify electrical link fitting into dedicated electrical link fittings and Universal link fittings,

The dedicated link fittings used on insulator string, the connect size and structures are same as insulators, the common electrical link fitting is ball and eyes, ball and clevis.

The universal electrical link fittings can suit for various situations, the classify by different loads, and universal electrical link fittings have Interchangeability with the same load, the common universal electrical link fittings are U-bolts and Yoke plate.

Lots of electrical link fitting bear a huge strength, at the same time they also have to guarantee the good function of wire, so the quality and proper use and installation are very important to power transmission.


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