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Hendrix pin insulators

Hendrix pin insulators are made from polymeric and injection molded from grey track resistant high-density polyethylene. The insulator is designed to be installed using hand-wrapped tie wire or clamp ties.

Hendrix pin insulators

The Features of Hendrix pin insulators
◆ Dielectrically compatible with South wire polyethylene covered conductors or other polyethylene covered conductors
◆ Insulator is molded from a track resistant polyethylene compound, also known as composite pin insulator.
◆ UV resistant
◆ Lightweight and shatter resistant

Compared with Hendrix pin insulator, the features of Orient polymer pin insulator
◆ The polymer pin insulator is used in 36 kV overhead distribution lines with bare or covered conductors
◆ Pin insulator was developed to meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters typical of overhead distribution lines.
◆ Use bare tie wire for bare wire applications.
◆ Use covered tie wire for covered conductor applications.


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