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High voltage porcelain insulators

High voltage porcelain insulators consist of porcelain unit and hardware to support and insulation wire installed on high voltage power line with high quality, long-term life and good performance properties. Porcelain insulators are usually used in electrical system, also called electrical insulator.

High voltage insulator            porcelain pin insulator

Compared with glass insulator
Glass prices have been on the increase in recent years, making porcelain an attractive and affordable alternative. Porcelain insulators are now much more available at insulator shows.

More and more early "classic" porcelain has been taken out of service as utilities increase distribution voltages and collectors go "mud hunting". Such as a lot of countries use porcelain pin type insulator replacing of glass pin insulator.

Collectors have realized that the amount of color available in porcelain is very significant and has increased as more distribution lines are dismantled.

The economical design for our porcelain insulators lasts far longer in the field. With many in operation for the last 25 years, porcelain insulators exhibit no change in their mechanical/electrical characteristics, proving to be highly reliable in the field. Our porcelain pin insulator is approved by the RUS.


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