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History of pin type insulator

 Pin type insulator is a relatively common insulator. It is usually made of glass, porcelain, or polymer. The history of pin type insulator has a long time.

Pin type insulator

On the top of the pin insulator has a groove, Wires can be through the groove. Pin type insulators are used for transmission and distribution lines of and electric power, at voltages up to 36kV. When the Voltage exceeds 36kv, pin insulator will become too bulky and not practical.

History of pin type insulators:
At the beginning, pin insulator is made of glass, glass pin type insulator has beautiful appearance, The disadvantage that it has a small electric resistance and not easy to install.
Then , ceramic insulator begin to start the application
Now, With the increasing pollution, Composite pin insulator becomes more widely used. Compare with ceramic pin type insulators and glass pin type insulator, it is more suitable for use in contaminated areas.

With the change of the environmental factors, insulator material will change too.


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