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IEC Insulator standard in Sri Lanka

Insulators can be divided into high voltage insulator, medium voltage and low voltage insulator according insulator voltage in IEC Insulator standard in Sri Lanka.

IEC Insulator standard

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The equipment and components supplied shall be in accordance with the standards specified below or latter editions and/or amendments thereof. Offers of items manufactured to any other internationally recognized standards or specifications not less rigid shall accompany an English version of such standards
◆ IEC 60060 - High voltage test techniques
◆ IEC 60120 - Dimensions of ball and socket couplings of string insulator units
◆ IEC 60305 - Characteristics of insulator units of cap and pin type
◆ IEC 60372 - Locking device for ball & socket couplings of string insulator units
◆ IEC 60383 - Tests on insulators of ceramic material or glass for O.H. Lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1 kV
◆ IEC 60437 - Radio interference test on high voltage insulators
◆ IEC 60507 - Artificial pollution tests on H.V. insulators to be used on a.c. Systems
◆ IEC 60575 - Thermal-mechanical performance test and Mechanical Performance test on string insulator units
◆ IEC 60672 - Specification for ceramic and glass insulating materials
◆ IEC 60815 - Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions

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