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Indoor post insulators

Indoor post insulators to support the wire insulation can also ensure the wires and the cross arm, Tower has enough insulation.

Indoor post insulators

Rally in the operation should be able to withstand the load of the wire vertical and horizontal directions. Both have good electrical properties, but also have sufficient mechanical strength. Indoor post insulators for the safe operation of the line are good or bad are very important.

Porcelain insulators by the upper and lower metal accessories made of porcelain pieces mounted on the surface of brown glaze, or according to user requirements of color glazed with rubber cement glue. Surface galvanized metal accessories, 330ky and above to support bus insulator, the top has a uniform ring.

Indoor post insulators, for the rated voltage 6-35kv household power stations, substations and distribution equipment and electrical equipment, used for insulating and fixing the conductive portion.

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