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Insulator bidder requirement

In the tender document, the tender may require the bidder fill out the requirements, list sone insulator bidder requirement. I list the pin insulator specification in Kenya.

Insulator bidder requirement in Kenya
◆ Service Conditions
◆ Applicable Standards
◆ Maximum System Voltage (kV)
◆ One-minute power frequency withstand voltage, 50Hz, wet. (kV)
◆ Lighting impulse withstand voltage, 1.2/50 pos. (kV)
◆ Minimum creepage distance (mm)
◆ Specified mechanical load (kN)
◆ Length of insulator with fittings (mm)
◆ Material of fittings and level of corrosion protection
◆ Material of rod
◆ Material of housing and sheds
◆ Conductor groove, size
◆ Suitable for both vertical & horizontal application
◆ List of copies of Design and Type Test Reports submitted (indicate Test Report Numbers, Testing Authority and contact addresses)
◆ List Acceptance Tests to be witnessed by KPLC/REA Engineers at the factory
◆ List of catalogues, brochures, technical data, drawings and customer sales records submitted to support the offer.
◆ Statement of Compliance to Specifications

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