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Insulator end fitting

Insulator end fitting is one main part of electrical insulators used on the overhead lines playing a role of suspension, supporting, protecting and link the wires or conductors.

Insulator end fitting 

The function of insulator end fitting
◆ Stay insulator assemblies used on the electrical poles and towers
◆ Coupling the lightning wires or conductors
◆ Supporting insulators, such as insulator spindle installed on the cross arm to support the wires

The types of Insulator end fitting
◆ Cross arm pins including pin insulator pins, line post and pin post insulator stud, suspension insulator pins
◆ Disc insulator hardware fittings
◆ Post insulator fittings: flange
◆ Railway insulator casting fittings etc.

The requirements of Insulator end fitting
◆ Easy to maintenance
◆ Acid and corrosion resistance
◆ Good mechanical performance
◆ Flexibly moving

Insulator end fitting is made from forged steel, stainless steel, ductile iron and hot dip galvanized steel or iron with high electrical and mechanical properties.


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