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Insulator tests

Insulator supplier or insulator manufacturer shall carry out insulator tests including type tests, routine tests and sample tests in accordance with the latest edition of IEC 60383-1 specifications

Insulator tests

Type tests shall be carried out only on insulators from a lot with meets the requirements if all the relevant sample and routine tests not included in the type tests. For mechanical tests, the certificate shall be valid for ten years from the date of issue. The type test certificates remain valid while there is no significant display between the results of the type test and subsequent corresponding sample tests.

Sample tests shall be used as acceptance tests on a sample of insulators taken by customers representatives at random from a lot which has met the requirements of the relevant routine tests. The number of samples shall comply with values indicated in table.

Number of samples

Lot size (N) Sample size
E1 E2
N≤300 Subject to agreement
300<N≤2000 4 3
2000<N≤5000 8 4
5000<N≤10000 12 6
When more than 10000 insulators are concerned they shall be divided into an optimum number of equal lots comprising between 2000 and 10000 insulators.

Routine tests are intended to eliminate defective units and are carried out during the manufacturing process. Routine tests are carried out on every insulator.

All Insulator tests reports shall be recorded and observed the insulator data. These insulator tests can ensure insulator quality and insulator performance.


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