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Insulators China

Insulators China is famous in the world, which includes porcelain insulator, polymer insulator and other materials for insulator. Insulator can be divided into composite & porcelain pin type insulators, pin post insulator and so on.

pin insulator

Porcelain insulators China manufactured by Insulator manufacturer are made by the wet process using high grade raw materials.
◆ The basic raw materials that go into the manufacture of porcelain insulators are naturally occurring clays and minerals like quartz and feldspar. Such as this material can improve the porcelain pin insulator mechanical strength
◆ The coarsely-powdered materials are ground to the required particle size in ball mills. The moisture content is reduced in filter process to obtain solid cakes.
◆ The cakes are fed into the pug mills.

Composite insulators China manufactured by Insulator manufacturer are made by silicone rubber material using injection mold.
◆ The silicon materials can improve the strength for composite pin insulators
◆ Light weight, easy to install
◆ Easy transport

Which type of insulators China is you choice? You can learn the information to improve your judgment.


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