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Insulators for power transmission lines

Insulators for power transmission lines, tempered or annealed glass is used as insulating material which has a high insulating properties, mechanical strength, thermal and chemical stability.

Insulators for power transmission lines

According to the customer requirements for areas with the high air pollutions, factory produces insulators using pins equipped with zinc sleeves, being the "sacrificial electrode" which prevent for a long time the corrosion caused by DC and the environment.

Thermal treatment of glass (hardening) provides high mechanical and electrical properties and thermal strength of the insulator. After subsequent thermal tests defective items are rejected. It guarantees the specified characteristics of insulators. After thermal tests all glass parts are subjected to the visual inspection and verification of dimensions. After the assembly of glass insulators routine mechanical and electrical tests are carried out.

Insulators for power transmission lines, withstand voltages of suspension insulator string with insulators of OPEN type profile, are based on the tests according to GOST 6490-93 and IEC 60383.

Characteristics are given for the strings without screens and arcing horns.


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