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Insulators manufacturers in khurja

Insulators manufacturers in khurja, Geo Industries is one of Insulators manufacturers, mainly produce exporting insulators (such as porcelain pin insulator), power fittings, bushings, Switches, changeovers and accessories for power transmission lines and substations.

porcelain pin insulator

Compared with Insulators manufacturers in khurja, In addition to Orient Power in China supplies high-quality products to our customers, we also provide superior technical assistance and services to meet their various needs. For example, if we sell porcelain pin type insulator, we would provide tracking service.

Both of Insulators manufacturers in khurja and in china, the globalization process is accelerated day by day. In the merger process of global advantage resources, we constantly expect the co-operation come from global partner. We zealously welcome the co-operation of any kind in the fund, the market, the technology and production line shifted, etc.

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