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Lapp polymer insulators

Reliability is the most important property of an insulator whether it is a polymer insulator or ceramic one. Lapp polymer insulators have high quality and god performance as well as Orient Power.

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The reliability of a Lapp polymer insulator depends upon its electrical and Polymer pin Insulators mechanical strengths. With the advent of modern manufacturing, mechanical molding and fixture technique, the mechanical strength is quite reliable.

However the electrical strength over decades is not fully guaranteed. The modern style Lapp polymer insulators were introduced about 30 years ago with most recent version about 23 years ago. Lapp polymer pin type insulators have better pollution performance and low associated costs of polymer insulators over ceramic ones.

Experience of outdoor insulation started from the introduction of telegraphic lines. The pin insulators have been used since the last quarter of the 18th century. These insulators are very reliable. Glass and porcelain insulators were the only type available before the introduction of newer polymer insulators.


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