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Line post insulator

Line post insulator is a commonly insulator, it is used on the transmission and distribution lines.

Line post insulator

The voltage of Line post insulator can reach to 132kV, line post insulator also used with a spindle, rigidly mounted on the telegraph. It is a good combine of pin type insulator and post insulator, so it is non-puncture insulator.

Line post insulator can divide in to four types according to different structure:
Vertical tie-top types
Vertical clamp-top types
Horizontal clamp top-cup base types
Horizontal clamp top gain base type

Silicone rubber Line post insulator China are the ideal solution for compact line applications in urban areas, they are good product to upgrading the capacity of existing lines with narrow right of way-by increasing he voltage ore the number of circuits.

Line post insulators have a reduced visual impact and are well-suited to innovative tower and pole designs.


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