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Long rod insulators

Long rod insulators are used for medium and high voltage overhead distribution and transmission lines for suspension and tension of conductor to the posts.

Long rod insulators

porcelain long rod insulator

According to insulator materials, long rod insulators can be divided into
◆ Long rod porcelain insulators
◆ Composite long rod insulators

Long-rod porcelain insulators provide better operation conditions in comparison to cap and pin type insulators polluted and sea-side areas.

The advantages of long-rod insulators:
◆ Minimum use of metal parts
◆ Low Maintenance Cost
◆ Power-arc protection
◆ No measurable aging
◆ Higher creepage distance
◆ Long insulation distance (puncture proof)
◆ Routine mechanical tests up to 80% of all insulators

Long-rod insulators are produced in the light of DIN 40685, KER 110.2 from Alumina body which has higher mechanical properties.


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