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Low tension insulators

Orient Power produced low tension insulators including shackle type insulators, spool type insulators, pin type insulators and guy strain insulators in China.

Low tension insulators                 Low tension insulators

As one of reputed insulator manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of all types of low tension insulators used for in sub-transmission and distribution lines.

Pin type insulators with special head grooves to accommodate special conductor fastenings can be delivered on request. Mechanical strength of pin type insulator can be designed in 3.6kN and 1kv for low voltage overhead lines.

Guy strain insulators are designed and manufactured as per the international standards (ANSI, IEC etc.), which designed creepage distance in 44mm, 53mm, 88mm and 38mm. The features of guy strain insulators are durability and sturdy construction.

Shackle type insulators and spool type insulators are suitable for indoor and outdoor power lines. The features of these type insulators have dimensional accuracy, efficient performance in complex weather conditions and robustness.

Low tension insulators are normally used on low voltage insulators for supporting and insulating wires and cables.


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