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Low voltage insulator introduction

Oh, in my memory, in Zhengzhou, see the most is the high voltage insulators, As a result, we often ignore the importance of low voltage insulator. Low voltage insulator introduction is necessary.

Low voltage insulator

Generally, the low voltage insulator including the following types:
Shackle type insulator
Stay insulator
Spool insulator
Low voltage pin insulator

1. Shackle Type Insulators
Shackle type insulators are similar to spool type insulators, the most common voltage is 400 v, they used in section poles, on sharp curves and end poles. Shackle insulators are designed to support lower voltages lines. They are single, round porcelain parts that are mounted horizontally or vertically.

2. Stay insulators
Stay insulators, also called strain type insulators, are primarily used to prevent stay wires from becoming energized from accidentally broken live wires. The function of stay insulator is to offer insulation between transmission poles and stay clamps.

Low voltage insulator introduction is to write this. If you want to learn more, you can visit the website.

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