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New Energy for investment of electricity in 2014

Many big solar and onshore wind projects around the world were also financed in 2014. We are given the electricity from new energy- solar for electricity. The project was finished with the insulator for ensuring safety.

New Energy


Michael Liebreich, chairman of the advisory board for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “Throughout last year, we were predicting that global investment would bounce back at least 10% in 2014, but these figures have exceeded our expectations. Solar was the biggest single contributor, thanks to the huge improvements in its cost-competitiveness over the last five years.

More and more countries used electricity and our lives without electricity. So the insulator is very important in the using electricity. Such as the 11kV transmission lines used the 11kV porcelain pin type insulator or 11kV polymer pin insulators.

“Healthy investment in clean energy may surprise some commentators, who have been predicting trouble for renewables as a result of the oil price collapse since last summer. Our answer is that 2014 was too early to see any noticeable effect on investment, and anyway the impact of cheaper crude will be felt much more in road transport than in electricity generation.”

Many big solar and onshore wind projects around the world were also financed in 2014. They included the Setouchi Mega PV project in Japan, at an estimated $1.1bn for 250MW, the Xina Solar One solar thermal plant in South Africa, at $1bn for 100MW, the $859m, 310.5MW Lake Turkana wind project in Kenya and the K2 wind complex in Ontario, Canada, at $728m and 270MW.

The second-largest category of investment was small distributed capacity – projects of less than 1MW, predominantly rooftop solar. This saw $73.5bn committed in 2014, up 34%. Research and development by governments and corporations totalled $29bn, some 2% more than in 2013, while asset finance of energy smart technologies such as smart meters came in at $16.8bn, up 8% on 2013.

We predict that more and more people are concerned with the power of development. As a pin insulator manufacturer, we should always pay attention to the develop of insulator material


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