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Outdoor loadbreak cutout

An outdoor loadbreak switch, as well as a fused cutout for distribution systems is made from silicone rubber used on outdoor distribution and transmission power systems.

Outdoor loadbreak cutout

Outdoor loadbreak cutout features
– 7.8/15 kV, 15 kV, 15/27 kV, 20/34.5 kV, and 27 kV
– 110, 125, 150, and 170 kV BIL
– 100 A, 200 A fused
– 300 A disconnect blade
– Porcelain, polymer concrete, or silicone insulators available
– Cutout/ arrester combo

The characteristics for Outdoor loadbreak cutout
Loadbreak interruption is accomplished by means of a selfcontained loadbreak arc chute which confines the arc and provides a deionizing action.
Conventional operation loadbreak is accomplished by normal opening of the cutout by hookstick. There are no parts to replace and the loadbreak feature lasts the life of the cutout.
The self-contained loadbreak concept enables the line worker to interrupt load current with a simple hook-stick operation.
Silicone or polymer concrete insulators and cutout/arrester combinations are available on certain models.
The LBU-II can successfully switch currents as high as 300 A at 15 kV and 50 A at 27 kV. It has fault-interrupting (not loadbreak) capacities as high as 20,000 A RMS asymmetrical.

Capacitor banks
The Outdoor loadbreak cutout provides over-current protection for capacitor banks and gives visible indication that the equipment is de-energized. It also provides a convenient and inexpensive switch capable of interrupting capacitor currents.

Transformer bank switching
The Outdoor loadbreak can be used for switching the magnetizing currents of both single-phase and three-phase transformer banks.

The Outdoor loadbreak provides a convenient method of sectionalizing single and three-phase, loop, or lateral lines during maintenance or under contingency conditions.

Riser pole
The Outdoor loadbreak provides a way to switch the capacitive currents associated with the underground feeder cables at the riser pole.

Standards and design testing
The Outdoor loadbreak cutout meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of EEI, NEMA SG-2, and IEEE C37.41 and C37.42 standards.


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