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Pin composite insulator

Pin composite insulator is subjected to rigorous mechanical and electrical testing to ensure years of solid performance and is similar to other composite insulator.

Pin composite insulator

Pin composite insulator is tested and manufactured in the light of
◆ ANSI C29.1, main insulator testing
◆ ANSI C29.5 and C29.6, pin insulator model
◆ IEC 60273, insulator design and insulator testings

Pin composite insulator is made from high strength silicone rubber. The silicone rubber insulating body is made of High Strength polymer materials, such as Polystyrene.

The advantages of Pin composite insulators:
◆ Puncturable Type-A Insulators
◆ Arc-over distance
◆ 11kV pin composite insulator used on distribution lines is cheaper than other type insulators.

11kV Pin composite insulator normally has two or three sheds which is designed equal sheds or big and small sheds. Alternate designs can increase the size of pin composite insulator creepage distance to protective line circuit.


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