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Pin composite silicone rubber insulator properties

Clients are generally through the pin insulator attribute value to determine the quality of the insulator. What are the pin composite silicone rubber insulator properties in details.

Advantages silicone rubber insulators are made of glass-fiber reinforced resin rod of high strength, sheath, weathersheds and metal end fittings. End fittings provide mechanical strength and they are supplied in steel for easy dispensing of the unvulcanized insulation material, making this the perfect solution for sealing slots and holes. An ideal add-on when use composite pin insulator.

Our range of accessories widens the potential applications for composite pin insulator. For example, we offer matching closure systems for reliable closure of the molded elements. A silicone rubber is also available.

composite Pin insulator                 silicone rubber pin insulator

Composite pin insulator is need long-term operation of external insulation devices, designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years. Composite pin insulators Standards have IEC, ANSI, DIN, GB and etc. Composite pin insulator Colors have grey, red, etc.

Orient Power manufactured high quality insulator products, the products can be guaranteed by us, let you feel free to choose our pin insulator products.


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