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Pin insulator 22kv

Pin insulator 22kv for application up to electrical systems voltage of 22kv, providing an insulating ability for power utilities with installation in high pollution environment.

Pin insulator 22kv            Pin insulator 22kv

The design features of Pin insulator 22kv
◆ All pin insulators 22kv have externally attached system transfers the load uniformly from the hardware into the polymer body.
◆ Excellent shed
◆ Good creepage distance
◆ Uniform leakage path

According to insulator materials, Pin insulator 22kv can be divided into
Porcelain pin insulator 22kv
◆ Composite pin insulator 22kv

According to insulator top fittings usage, pin insulator 22kv can be divided into
◆ Tie top pin insulator 22kv
◆ Clamp top pin insulator 22kv

Pin insulator 22kv adopts high-tech enterprise and science method to produce with high quality and excellent performance.


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