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Pin insulator 55-7 weight

 Pin insulator 55-7 weight is designed suitable for conductors and distribution lines, or may be affected by insulator size, small or big, insulator materials and insulator designed.

Pin insulator 55-7 weight 

However how many Pin insulator 55-7 weight, pin insulator 77-7 is used
◆ On bare aluminum conductors
◆ On copper conductors
◆ Distribution lines
◆ Pole lines
◆ Used in contaminated areas

The features of Pin insulator 55-7
◆ Long leakage distance
◆ Excellent washing characteristics
◆ Good mechanical strength
◆ Earthquake resistance
◆ Electrical and mechanical properties

Pin insulator 55-7 weight is designed in accordance with ANSI C29.5 standards, which affects the insulator packaging.


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