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Pin insulator price list

Pin insulator price list can be according to many factors of pin insulators, such as the different materials, different pin insulator voltage and so on.

Pin insulator

Orient Power electrical company can produce their Pin insulators in two materials—porcelain and polymer. Our Pin insulator price list includes low voltage pin insulator, high voltage pin insulator and medium voltage pin insulator price. For example 11kV porcelain pin insulator price list.

Affecting pin insulator price list factors have many, they are
◆ Pin insulator voltage
◆ Insulator materials
◆ Insulator strength
◆ Insulator packing and so on.

Porcelain pin type insulator has long term life resistance for transmission and distribution lines with higher price than composite pin insulator. Look at pin insulator price list, the two insulator price is different. Decide what you want to buy?


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