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Pin insulator reports requirement in Kenya

In the 11kV and 33kV pin insulator tenders, this specification can write some Pin insulator reports requirement in Kenya bidder.

insulator test reports            insulator test reports

insulator test reports

Pin insulator reports requirement in Kenya
Certified true copies of previous design and type test reports by the relevant Independent/International or National Testing/Standards Authority of the country of manufacture (or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory) shall be submitted with the offer for evaluation (all in English Language). A copy of accreditation certificate for the laboratory shall also be submitted.

Copies of test reports for the following Design and Type Tests shall be submitted for tender evaluation:
◆ Tests for the core material;
◆ Flammability test;
◆ Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage test;
◆ Wet power frequency test;
◆ Mechanical load-time test and test of the tightness of the interface between end fittings and insulator housing.

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