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Pin insulator suppliers

As one of professional pin insulator suppliers, we produced all types of electrical insulators, such as porcelain pin insulator, composite pin insulators and other type insulators.

Pin insulator

composite Pin insulator

As one of reputed pin insulator suppliers in China, Electrical Insulators are used in electrical equipment to support and separate electrical conductors without allowing current through themselves.

Orient Power is one main of popular pin insulator supplier in China. Orient Power pin insulators have high strength core and high quality end fittings.

◆ High strength core for composite pin insulator is not only protected by a fully impenetrable housing but is by nature formulated against acid generation that might exist with low grade resins. This combination is a major step against brittle fracture.
◆ Connection of the glass fiber rod and metal fittings, high intension, beautiful outline, small volume, light weight, easy to transport etc.

Orient Power company has advanced Researching and Developing for pin insulators, Testing, Produce machines and also has a strong engineering technology team which established the steady foundation of guaranteeing the quality of our insulators.

As one of honest pin insulator suppliers, we should be responsible for each customer.


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