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Pin insulators 11kv

Pin insulators 11kv is one main popular kind of insulator used for distribution systems to support and insulate.

Pin insulators 11kv

Pin insulators 11kv

According to the india electrical specification, The composite pin insulators to be supplied shall be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under following tropical conditions.
◆ Maximum Ambient Air Temperature C : 50
◆ Minimum Ambient Air Temperature C : 0
◆ Average daily ambient Air Temperature C : 40
◆ Relative humidity (%) : 10 to 100
◆ Average rainfall per annum (mm) : 1150
◆ Maximum altitude above mean sea level – Mtr : 1000
◆ Isoceraunic level (Days/Year) : 30 ( Average number of Thunderstorm)
◆ Maximum wind pressure (Kg/Sq. Meters): 200
◆ Seismic level Earthquake Acceleration : 0.08
a) Horizontal Seismic Co-efficient (acceleration – g (Zone-5)
b) Vertical Seismic Co-efficient (acceleration – g (Zone-5)

According to international standards, the mechanical strength of pin insulators 11kv can be up to 16kN.


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