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Pin insulators pdf

Pin insulator pdf is usually made by electrical companies, usually provides some help to the reader and beginner. Some pin insulator manufacturer can learn some knowledge through reading Our pin insulators pdf.

Pin insulator

Pin insulators pdf can talk about the features of porcelain pin type insulators
◆ High quality porcelain
◆ Excellent performance
◆ Solid-core

Pin insulators pdf mainly tells us the specification of ceramic pin insulators voltage
◆ Rated voltage: 10KV,11KV,12KV,22KV,24KV,25KV,33KV,35KV,36KV
◆ Impulse withstand voltage: 100kVp, 125-150kVp, 170-200kVP

Pin insulator pdf can tells us main technical parameters, such as mechanical strength and international standards
◆ Mechanical strength: 2kN, 4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12.5kN
◆ Standards: ANSI, IEC 


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