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Pin post insulator 20kv

The pin post insulator is used on distribution lines with the voltage apply to 6kv-36kv. Pin post insulator 20kv is a kind of pin post insulators.

            Pin post insulator 20kv                                                        

Pin post insulator 20kv has stable mechanical strength and electrical properties; it is combine the advantage of pin type insulators and line post insulator.

Orient Power pin post insulator 20kv alternatives design offers users the unique advantage of reducing the space by using it as a line post insulator. The primary advantage of the pin post insulator is really the advantage of better operating characteristics to line post insulators without changing the hardware fittings.

Orient Power’s pin post insulator 20kv design ensures the highest strength and the stability during in the process of running. Pin post insulator 20kv has long use life, and it has different length of stud, using on different material cross arm

Our mission is product of high quality pin post insulator 20kv, let customers satisfaction, we will try our best to solve your problem, and we can design the pin insulators which you want.


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