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Pin post insulator

Pin post insulator is similar to pin insulator, the voltage applied to the pin post insulator is 6kv-36kv. Pin post Insulator is used on high voltage power distribution lines. Pin post insulator is generally made of ceramic.

Pin post insulator

Pin post insulator

Pin post insulator combines the advantages of line post insulator and pin insulator. The bottom of the pin post insulator has a big shed, in order to increase the creepage distance and increase flashover voltage and withstand voltage, at the same time, can achieve the effect of anti-fouling. Therefore, the pin post insulator can be used in high-pollution areas. Pin post insulator is puncture-type, it can replace the pin insulator. Pin post insulator has excellent mechanical properties and strong stability, has provided the safeguard for the operation of the circuit normal.

The color of common pin post insulator:
◆ Gray
◆ Brown
◆ White
◆ Blue

According to the stud length, pin post insulator can be divided into:
◆ Short stud pin post insulator
◆ Long stud pin post insulator

Pin post insulator used in many countries around the world. For a desert, or high pollution area is a great choice, you can select the appropriate pin post insulators to national conditions, and you can visit our website to learn more about the pin post insulator.


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