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Pin type insulator 35kv

Pin type insulator 35kv is also available with silicone rubber to further improve their performance under pollution, also called silicone rubber pin insulators.

Pin type insulator 35kv

Pin type insulator 35kv

Surface contamination of Pin type insulator 35kv when installed in extreme environmental conditions increases the risk of leakage currents, which can subsequently lead to pollution flashovers and power system outages.

Providing a hydrophobic surface by adding an estimated 0.5 mm layer of RTV silicone rubber will limit the leakage current to harmless levels in the presence of moisture and contamination. Silicone rubber pin type insulator 35kv is usually used in America.

In the case of pollution particle deposition on the coated layer, the low molecular weight siloxanes will pread from the silicone bulk material to the pollution layer and encapsulate these particles within a short time period. Now the polymer Pin type insulator 35kv surface is hydrophobic again.

As a leading pin insulator manufacturer, we produced high quality pin type insulator 35kv for each client.


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