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Pin-type insulators

As a reputed high voltage pin insulator manufacturer, we produce both high quality and reasonable price Pin-type insulators for clients.

Pin-type insulator

Pin-type insulator

Pin-type insulators design:
Pin-type insulators are attached to the crossarm with bolts included in the package and can use on transmission and distribution power line. Insulating upper fittings protect the covered conductors by removing partial discharges which are harmful to the conductor insulation. Coating is made of two-component silicone, which gives the insulator excellent dielectric strength and makes it resistant to UV radiation and harsh weather conditions. For Orient Power’s new composite pin insulators causes no partial discharges, the RF disturbances are eliminated.

In order to reduce the concentration of electric field around the insulator upper fitting, it is made of insulating plastic material. The high voltage Pin-type insulators have been tested according to the IEC 61952:2008 and IEC 60060-1:2010 standards.

As an insulator manufacturer, except Pin-type insulators Orient Power also supplies other insulator, such as suspension insulator.


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