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Pin type insulators 33kv

Pin type insulators 33kv made of silicone rubber or porcelain used on distribution lines or telephone poles for supporting and insulating wires.

pin type insulators 33kv            pin type insulators 33kv

According to pin insulator specification, pin type insulators 33kv can be used
◆ At altitudes of up to 1500m above sea level
◆ Humidities of up to 90%
◆ A average ambient temperature of + 40℃ with a minimum of – 1℃
◆ Heavy saline conditions along the coast

Pin type insulators 33kv made by wet process porcelain, consist of
◆ Porcelain unit
◆ Insulator pin

Pin type insulators 33kv made of silicone rubber, consist of
◆ FRP core
◆ Insulator fittings
◆ Silicone rubber shed
◆ Silicone rubber housing

The features of pin type insulators 33kv
◆ High mechanical strength
◆ Exhibit hydrophobicity
◆ Low permeability to moisture
◆ High corona resistance

Pin type insulators 33kv is normally used 33kv power lines, beyond 33kv lines are not best to use pin type insulators 33kv.


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