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Pin type insulators pdf

Compared to website article, pin type insulators pdf has some different characteristics. You can download the pdf in your computer; you can always check and read.

Pin type insulators pdf can talk about Pin insulator characteristics
◆ Same sheds
◆ Puncture insulator
◆ Have one big shell
◆ Non-puncture insulator

Pin type insulators pdf voltage, application and mechanical strength of Pin type insulators
◆ Rated voltage: 11kV/ 12kV, 22kV/24kV, 33kV/36kV
◆ Mechanical strength: 2kN, 4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12.5kN
◆ Distribution lines, low voltage

Pin insulators pdf mainly tells us the end fittings of composite pin insulators
◆ Guy Wire Fittings
◆ Suspension Clamp 


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