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Pin type insulators ppt

Orient Power made the pin type insulators ppt to teach staff some pin insulators knowledge. Why many people want to learn the knowledge through ppt, because the way of making ppt on clear and can be amplified in the form of films; convenient for people to watch.

Pin type insulator

For example, we will talk about the knowledge of pin type insulators. In the pin type insulators ppt we can talk about pin type insulators important technical parameters.

Porcelain pin type insulator technical parameters have
◆ Drying arcing distance
◆ Leakage distance
◆ Minimum pin height
◆ Cantilever strength
◆ Typical application voltage
◆ Low frequency puncture voltage

Making a Pin type insulators ppt can clearly to look. About pin type insulators ppt, we can list the few points to introduce, such as pin type insulators definition, the advantage of pin insulators. 


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