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Polyethylene Pin Insulators

Polyethylene Pin Insulators can be tie-top pin insulator and clamp top pin insulators and made from polymer material.

Polyethylene Pin Insulators

The benefits of Polyethylene Pin Insulators
◆ ANSI electrical and mechanical properties
◆ Resistant to impact damage, breakage, and vandalism
◆ Light weight for ease of handling
◆ Good reliability resistance
◆ End fittings: tie top castings and clamp top castings
◆ According to ANSI C29.5 and C29.6

Tie top insulators are molded from a proprietary blend of gray, track resistant and high density polyethylence and designed in ANSI neck.

The features of Polyethylene Pin Insulators
◆ Used in order to match the dielectric properties of insulating materials
◆ Designed with thread sizes
◆ Are available in nominal voltage ratings of 15kv, 25kv, 35kv
◆ Can withstand conductor temperatures greater than 200℃
◆ Manufacturing process according to insulator specifications

Polyethylene Pin Insulators are made from high Temperature Polyethylene materials with good electrical and mechanical performance.


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