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Polymer insulator manufacturers India

As well as polymer insulator manufacturers India, Polymer insulator manufacturers China can manufacture all type electrical insulators, such as composite pin insulators, line post insulators, suspension insulators and so on.

Polymer insulator             Pin insulator

Polymer insulator manufacturers India and Polymer insulator manufacturers China has common characteristics:
The polymer insulator is used in overhead distribution and transmission lines with bare or covered conductors. The polymer insulator was developed to meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters typical of overhead distribution and transmission lines. Use bare tie wire for bare wire applications. Use covered tie wire for covered conductor applications. Polymer pin insulator is usually used on distribution power lines.

The advantages of Polymer insulator manufacturers India
◆Dielectrically compatible with Southwire polyethylene covered conductors or other polyethylene covered conductors
◆Insulator is molded from a track resistant polyethylene compound
◆UV resistant
◆Lightweight and shatter resistant

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