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Polymer insulator manufacturing process

Polymer insulator manufacturing process can be divided into 3steps. If you want to learn the knowledge about them, please visit Orient Power website. This website mainly talks about polymer pin insulator and porcelain pin insulator.

Polymer insulator manufacturing process            pin insulator

Compression mold method of Polymer insulator manufacturing process
• Complete one-piece molding with no joint up to 800kV
• Smoothly flowing rubber fills entire cavity
• Stronger chemical bonding between rubber and FRP.

Major manufacturing process of polymer insulator
One is the assembly of polymer insulator
• Superior gripping of rod by hardware using an exclusive multi-step pressure controlled
Process, such as the core of composite pin insulators must have high strength.
• Excellent water-tight sealing (double O-rings and silicone sealant) prevents moisture ingress to the core.

One is the final inspection of polymer insulator
Routine tensile proof test. Every insulator is subjected to tensile load testing in accordance with standards

The last is the packing of polymer insulator
Ready to ship to customers in the United States and overseas.

This manufacturing process can be used into all types of insulator, such as composite pin insulator, line post insulator and so on.


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