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Polymer insulators pdf

Polymer insulators pdf can be made by Orient Power to tell readers some knowledge about polymer insulators, such as the polymer pin insulator price, definition, properties and performance etc.

Polymer insulator             pin insulator


What do the polymer insulators pdf talk about?
The advantage of polymer insulators:
Polymer insulators have been increasingly accepted by utilities as suitable replacements for porcelain and glass insulators.

The properties of Polymer insulators
Polymer insulators have a unique feature called hydrophobicity. All type of insulators has this performance. Composite pin insulators have the properties in the usage process. Low molecular weight silicone migrates from the rubber body on the surface, and coats any surface contaminants preventing the wetting of the contaminants and the flow of leakage current. As a result, polymer insulators have a superior pollution performance to other insulators.

The components of polymer insulators in the polymer insulators pdf
Polymer Insulators required by ANSI or IEC Specification shall be constructed using a central member or “core” of solid high density, axially aligned, glass-fibre-reinforced, epoxy resin rod, of uniform cross-section to form the mechanical load bearing component of the pin insulators.


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