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Polymer pin type insulator exporters

As one of professional polymer pin type insulator exporters, Orient Power produces pin type insulators composed of glass fiber epoxide resin core rod, silastic shed and metal fittings.

Polymer pin type insulator

Polymer pin type insulator

The silastic shed adopt the whole packing pressure technique, and then to solve the key problem---interface electric spark puncture, which would affect the reliability of polymer pin type insulators, connection of the glassfiber rod and metal fittings

Metal fitting of galvanization can corrosion prevention and exchange used with porcelain insulator, Polymer pin type insulator is reliable structure, cannot damage the core rod, and take full advantage of the mechanical strength.

As a reputed Polymer pin type insulator exporter, Fine anti-pollution, strong prevents flash accident, and the wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage for polymer pin insulatoe is 2~2.5 times than the same creepage distance porcelain pin type insulator, and not to cleanup.

Polymer pin type insulator exporters, which produced pin type insulators with the mechanical performance and electric performance are better than porcelain pin type insulator.


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