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Polymer post insulator

Polymer post insulators are supporting and insulating wires or conductors in the electrical systems. Polymer post insulators are one of electrical insulator used on transmission and distribution power lines.

Polymer post insulator

Polymer post insulator is used in electrical systems consisting of porcelain units and end fittings or silicone rubber weather sheds and end fittings.

The production method of Polymer post insulator:
Modular system
HTV silicone rubber
FRP rod
Metal end fittings
Special shed profiles for all contamination materials

Polymer post insulator is usually manufactured by molding, high voltage insulator is made by whole injection method. The most striking feature of the Orient insulators is their flexibility with regard to design options and voltage levels, because of variations types.

Polymer post insulator plays two roles of supporting and insulating for transmission and distribution systems with good mechanical and electrical properties.


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